Our Story

Our family journey has been all about starting from the ground up, or even, under the ground where we couldn’t see the light to okay, I can see a ray of hope. Little seeds mighty trees represents where we came from, where we are and where we’re headed in life. It’s not just about our life, or trying to appear picture perfect (because that sucks for everyone, huh), but it’s a realistic place where the struggle is real for all of us and we can do this together. I post about whatever season of life I’m in with my husband, my children and myself because it allows me to exhale my struggles, joys, and dreams.

Little Seeds Mighty Trees also represents my amazing tiny humans as they grow to be amazing full-sized humans. I like to learn new things about my littles every day, and organize neat things here because mommin’ ain’t easy.

Anyway, every little seed can be a mighty tree, and I hope you’ll stay awhile!