Ella’s 9 Month Pictures!

Oh my goodness! Ella’s 9 month pictures turned out ah-mazing thanks to Anne over at Faires and Frogs Photography in Olympia, WA and now we only have one more session left in the milestone package… Her one year cake smash! 😭 It’s so bittersweet having children. When I tell Ezra to never grow up Ezra always tells me “but mommy you don’t want me to grow biggeh and biggeh?” And in my mind I’m just bawling because he’s already three years old, so independent and almost in his school years. Where did my teeny tiny precious squishy little baby go?! Well these feels are surfacing as I have a month to enjoy her as a crawling baby until she’s a walking, talking one year old toddler. On a sweet note, here are the pictures!

The dress and sparkly headband are from Amazon, the sparkly and glass pumpkin are from Pier 1, and the gold flats are from Target.

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