How Wonderful it Would be for a New Wave of HUMAN.

I’ve been carrying the weight of this worldwide bullying phenomenon. I’ve seen groups of people projecting the value of their color or sexuality while devaluing other groups of different color or sexualities. All lives matter.

Political parties resisting each other in both aggressive and passive aggressive ways. What ever happened to Patriotism? What ever happened to honor and respect? I tell my 3-year-old son when life doesn’t go his way and when he pretty much hates me that it’s okay to be angry, but it’s never okay to be disrespectful. By doing that, I’m cultivating honor in him. Wish more people didn’t throw tantrums like my son, it sucks the fun out of everything.

Body shaming the healthy people and showing preferential treatment to the unhealthy. My own mother of four is in the best shape of her life as of recently and mentioned her progress to the staff of a Barre class and it was followed by such a deadening silence of discontent and irritation. It was absolutely heartbreaking to see my mother so ashamed to be pretty and fit. Unhealthy and healthy people can both be encouraged. Symmetrical and non-symmetrical people can both be encouraged. It’s just sucks for her to not receive any encouragement and praise just because she worked very hard to be where she is today and she is on the journey of maintaining.

People terminating “tissue.” There are people who would love to adopt through a private adoption agency (myself included). I just wish that people who couldn’t economically or emotionally provide for their children would have surrendered their rights before the State had to intervene… I believe in more education and access of and to private adoption agencies and a cost-to-adopt reform. It should be expensive but not exorbitant, thoroughly examined to ensure the quality of potential adopting families, and more publicity broadcasted in lieu of such a worldwide planned parenthood advocation. If you believe that only some lives matter, you don’t believe that all lives matter.

SO. There is an apparent basic need for all lives to matter… No matter what journey you are on or what season you are in. If we only tolerated and loved people who are different than us there would be a global crisis at ease.

Tolerate people’s affiliations and choices. If the sea is too rough for you, find a kinder tide and be at peace. Remember, at the end of the day, a river is just gonna be a river and it’s not fair to be offended and say that it was pushing you around if you were trying to walk upstream. You don’t have to feel the need to flow exactly as it does… Get out of there and skinny dip in a hot spring. Either choose to be at peace with the choices of others or celebrate them, but it causes such devastation to be intolerable.

Love people. This one is tricky because I would say that most people have been burned and have a hard time trusting others. Love is such a sacrificial act, you can’t just say I love you if you don’t follow it with some actionable thing. It doesn’t have to ever be grandiose, that would be lust. When I say love… I don’t mean pour out your soul to strangers or faking it. I’m talking about utilizing love as an every day language. Love Languages by Gary Chapman, explains that there are 5 basic love languages.

Words of affirmation, Physical touch, Receiving gifts, Quality time, Acts of service

Here are some super simple examples of ways of how you can show love to a stranger…

Words of affirmation

Good job, Janet! You reached your fitness goal after having 4 kids.

Rockin the mustache, looks good.

Physical touch

Shaking hands, high fiving or fist bumping.

Receiving gifts

Asking the drive through attendant if you can pay for the meal or beverage of car behind you.

Quality time

Engaging in conversation with a stranger about whatever is going on at the moment.

Acts of service

Returning someone’s cart.

Picking up something that someone dropped for them.

If you already do this, thank you. I appreciate your toleration and love ❤️ *fist bump*

If you don’t do this toleration or love thing or if you don’t even believe in anything I’m saying. I care so much about your happiness and journey, and I just want you to be happy ❤️ Also, quit being stubborn 😘

Also also, you don’t always have to talk to people about religion and politics… It’s truly a personal matter that really has nothing to do with anyone else but you and those you trust.

Also, also, also, social anxiety is a real life disease and the best way to get through it is to grow through it with small, uncomfortable interactions that will get easier over time… I have been previously diagnosed with social anxiety and depression.

Yay for toleration and love! ❤️

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