Ezra’s Super Spidey 3rd Birthday Party

Ezra loves Spider-Man. I don’t know why because he’s never seen any superhero movies or loved any movie or TV show other than Despicable Me and Youtube Kids. Maybe a little Puppy Dog Pal action as well. 😉 I’ll never understand his love for Spider-Man.

So I actually decided on the theme by having him choose from a list of piñatas from PartyCity.com. He’s into construction vehicles, dinosaurs, Blippi… You name it, he probably likes it. So he scrolled through his options on my phone with his sticky little baby finger and picked the Avengers piñata.

So I obviously Pinterested my brains out until I saw an idea that was simple enough for regular-folk to accomplish from Karas Party Ideas.

Super simple right?? I try to find super easy things… So here are some of the pictures from Ezra’s super spidey birthday.

All the decor was from Oriental Trading Co. I bought silly string, water balloons, slime, a piñata, and hulk hands for activities other than jumping. My mom got Ezra the “birthday vibes” outfit for his birthday but I’m not sure where she got it from. I ended up filling the building containers with different kinds of fruits and chips.
The Spider-Man jump jump was the best investment ever. It came out to be $140/4 hours, BUT they were two hours early dropping it off and two hours late picking it up. So we got an amazing deal on it and the kiddos LOVED it.
Spider-Man would make a guest appearance every now and then (it was my teenage brother who dressed up, such a good sport). The boys LOVED it when Spider-Man would show up in between saving the day from bad guys. They even got to jump with Spider-Man in the bounce house!
They played “Hulk Smash” in between doing other activities during the party. I set it up in the hallway so they could have access to it whenever they felt like they were bored and wanted to punch this instead of each other 😉 They only punched it like one time immediately after I set it up.
The whole party inspiration was based on the choice of this piñata. They had fun punching it with the hulk hands. Its was extremely ineffective but nonetheless, fun.
It was hard to let Ezra have this one, but he INSISTED that he wanted a basketball cake from Costco. I would’ve gone full on superhero cake if I didn’t respect his wishes so much 🙂
We ate BBQ and cake picnic style! We served ribs, sausage, turkey, barbecue sauce, corn, green beans, potato salad, coleslaw, and cornbread. For drinks we did water, lemonade, sweet tea, and a couple signature alcoholic drinks and maybe some hard lemonade and beer.
Isn’t dirt pudding so fun… I think so! I spent a huge chunk of the party making this damn pudding. I didn’t think you had to cook it… I thought it sort of set in the fridge like jello. I was so wrong. I had to keep boiling the crap out of it until it resembled jiggly pudding.
Anyway, that was Ezra’s awesome 3rd birthday. Everyone had a blast, the adults had a blast, the kids had like a massive sugar and excitement crash. I wouldn’t have changed a thing!

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