It’s OKAY to Supplement *Updated* From A Pro-Breast Feeder AND Pro-Formula Feeder

So I initially wrote this when Ella was 3 months old and now she’s 6 months! In the beginning, baby girl latched well, was loving being breastfed, BUT I had an over-supply of milk (like 10oz at a time) obviously a newborn doesn’t need that much milk. My pediatrician here in Washington State noticed that Ella had a distended (puffed out) belly and asked me to only feed her max 3 oz of milk per feeding instead of the estimated 4-5 ounces that she was getting. I went home discouraged and tried to limit how much milk she would receive at a time. Well, lesson learned, never tell a breastfeeding mother to reduce her milk supply.

In a couple weeks, Ella hit a 3 month feeding frenzy and because I listened to my pediatrician and not my gut, I lost much of my supply and couldn’t keep up with her ravenous appetite. So at her next appointment we were in a place where she went from the 48th percentile to the 27th… After I tried everything from power pumping, mothers milk tea, three types of nipple shields, lots of granola, buying a new pump… We had to inevitably supplement with formula.

With Ella, I have a greater peace of mind knowing that she is fed and developing properly than heeding to the little voice in my head that sounds like my mother saying, “FORMULA IS POISON.” It’s not poison… Ever since Ella started half formula, half breast milk she’s gained weight, she’s developed faster, and she is sleeping way better. My husband is my nerdy guy and he researched tons of studies and he came across one that studied siblings where one was breastfed and one was formula fed and the study came to the conclusion that there was really no difference between the development of the breastfed siblings vs. the formula fed siblings. Here’s the study…

So now, Ella is 6 months old and she did exclusive breastmilk for the first 5 months, transitioned to half and half for a week, and now she drinks exclusively formula and has just started baby food! I lost much of my milk supply and since she didn’t care for it anyway, I stopped breastfeeding and pumping altogether. Its been a lot more expensive ($20/week), but so so worth it knowing that she’s being fed, sleeping better, and is starting to plump up!! I loved breastfeeding Ezra, but I’ll tell you, I feel a lot more free and mobile now that I’m not tied to my crazy feeding and pumping schedule. Shea and I could actually go on a date… Something that we couldn’t really do with Ezra since he was breastfed and very attached to mama.

No matter what you’re situation is, it’s hard being a mom. You’re doing great, and just listen to your own voice, and don’t worry about what other people think. They’re not the mom, you are, and you’ll do fine. Monkeys have babies, stink bugs have babies, and they just figure it out! Imagine that! If you’re struggling with breastfeeding… Keep trying your best to pump milk and breastfeed, but don’t spiral into a depression like I did… Do everything you can then pick up some formula from the store and feed that baby lots and lots of milk if you feel like it! 😊


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