My Virtual, Long-Distance “Amazon” Baby Shower

My virtual baby shower was my mother-in-law’s idea! We live in Washington State and Shea’s parents and most of his family live in Texas, so they decided to throw the sweetest long distance baby shower for Ella and me. She called it an “Amazon Baby Shower,” and had me make an Amazon baby registry so that everything arrived on time!

The anticipation.

So the lovely part was that the days leading up to the virtual baby shower was so exciting. With every doorbell chime, I felt so much joy and love as I brought in package.

Party time!

We were in a group text of those in Houston, Illinois, and us in Washington State who were “attending” the baby shower. We used Zoom to video chat, but you can use whatever video chat works for you!

Us in Washington
Our family in Houston

Everybody took turns reading these little scripture cards after we opened presents, and those who wanted to, also said their own personal prayer.

After the party, Shea’s mom mailed me notecards containing sweet sentiments and best wishes, the packet of scriptures, a plush elephant for Ella, and a photo album containing pictures of the party. (My theme was pink, gray and gold elephants)

It was short, sweet, and super thoughtful. Although I wasn’t there to eat the cupcakes or drink tea, it was perfect, and made me feel so very special and so very loved. I am a thank you card kinda gal, so I thoroughly expressed that in the thank you’s that I sent out!

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