My Favorite Budget Outings with my Toddler!

So the key for me not losing my mind as a stay at home mom… Is getting out of the house. I intentionally have an “outing budget” for keeping track of my spending and I plan my days ahead of time because why not? I usually spend $40 a week on outings. That includes Starbucks trips, lunches, and admission fees. Keep note that we don’t leave the house every day. I would say once or twice a weekday is enough for us! We usually go out on the weekends at least once so Ezra can expend some of that high energy.

Park day! One of my favorite things to do is take Ezra to our neighborhood park. It’s free!

Before his baby sister was born, we would go to the mall and play with the train set at Barns and Noble for free!

Starbucks optional 😉

I highly suggest that you don’t buy a full size train set and just let the kids play with the train set at Barns and Noble, toy stores, the pediatrician office… I bought Ezra one for his 2nd birthday, and this is one of those situations where other peoples stuff is cooler than your own, if your child is anything like mine 😉 He never plays with it.

Take a hike! The most beautiful thing about the Northwest is being surrounded by beautiful nature. This is a weekend activity for us, as I always bring Shea to keep extra eyes out for mountain lions and angry wild turkeys. Yes, turkeys can be super mean.

Trampoline park fun! We do this frequently in the summer time, and our local trampoline park charges $6 for an hour of jumping. (If you bring your own grippy socks)

Again, Starbucks optional 😉

Indoor playgrounds are scarce in Spokane, but when we travel we like to swing by local indoor playgrounds. When we lived in Houston, TX, we had lots of these close by. Also, I am a retired nanny, and the yearly $60-$70 memberships are SO worth it.

I like taking Ezra to the farms to pick fruit when it’s that time of season. We usually bring home some fruit and then bake together!

Lunch date at Target! If you have self control or listen to the little angel on your shoulder that looks like your significant other telling you “You don’t need that lipstick, your lips are beautiful, girl.” This is a fun outing! I don’t have a picture, but we’ll also stop by the TJMaxx next door if I’m feeling like ignoring my angel husband.

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