Baby pictures, so expensive… Are they worth it?

So if you’re familiar with our family, you know how I had Ezra in my teens and we didn’t have any disposable income. Oh, you’re new here? Hello! Well now you know.

When Ezra was born, there was a hospital photographer that came to everyone’s room, asking if they wanted pictures. So those were his “professional newborn photos.” I want so badly to treasure these moments with Ezra and Ella because I’m done having children as of right now, and Ezra is growing older and acting like a little boy now instead of a baby and it is killing me. I have a hard time letting go of their baby clothes, toys, memorable artifacts that I’ve collected along the way, pretty much everything!

Ezra is almost three years old now and I’d say Shea and I are more financially comfortable now more than ever. So when I was pregnant with our second precious baby, Ella, we decided to go all out and get her some beauty portraits. If you live in the WA area, Anne at Faries and Frogs Photography is amazing! I know, its pricey. BUT SO WORTH IT.

SO if you can swing it, become obsessed with your baby’s pictures, even if they are just the ones that the hospital photographer takes.

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