Our Beautiful Budget Wedding for $2,000… Not including our rings!

Little babyface Shea and I in high school actually at our high school in the performing art center in 2013. Notice the Justin Bieber hairdo goin on.

Shea and I were 18 and 20 when we got married three years ago. As you can imagine I had just graduated high school, money was tight, we were living in a sketchy apartment complex, and I was 13 weeks pregnant with our oldest son, Ezra. I knew I wanted to marry Shea, but the last thing I wanted to do was plan a wedding because we had to save up for the baby. We were engaged in October. Then right after our engagement, we told our family that were getting married in a few weeks. So this is the breakdown of how I planned OUR BEAUTIFUL BUDGET WEDDING for $2,000 in a couple of weeks.


The veil | Davids Bridal | $190

My wedding dress | Davids Bridal | $250

Makeup, Hair & Photography | FREE | My brother and sister in law are the artistic ones of the family, so Miranda did my makeup and hair and Talin took all the pictures and the wedding video.

His outfit | JCPenny | Slim gray suit vest, matching slim gray suit pants and tie | $104

*He had a white dress shirt, belt, socks and dress shoes at home.

Our rings | Zales | His $400 Hers $950

Our flowers | FREE!

*We were very fortunate to have a family friend do my bouquet, a mini bouquet for my maid of honor and a boutonnière for my husband and his best man.

Our officiant | FREE | Shea’s brother is an ordained minister

The venue | Silver Sycamore in Pasadena, TX | The Intimate Package | $1,200

*10 people could attend our 2 hour ceremony, including maid of honor and best man. We had access to a couple of suites to get ready. Also, a small cake and sparkling cider was included. We didn’t have a reception that day.

Overnight accommodations | The Bed and Breakfast on the property | $165

Dinner | Red Lobster | $60

Breakfast | Denny’s | $40

*We didn’t have to get breakfast, as it was included, but this was our first BnB experience, and I was unaware that we had to walk to the tearoom for breakfast… I thought it would be delivered to our cabin on a silver platter… oops.

Total = $3,359 or $2,000 not including our rings.

We could’ve gone without a reception entirely, but Shea’s family community payed and planned for an unforgettable time a couple weeks after our ceremony at their church. It was beautiful.


  • Be realistic. Not everything will work out perfectly, but as long as you are marrying your Prince Charming, any celebration of union will be perfect!
  • Be grateful. My family was living in Spokane, WA when Shea and I got married in Pasadena, TX, so I didn’t expect them to be able to attend our wedding with two weeks notice. I’ll admit there was lots of in-law drama circling us, but Shea’s family still stepped up and helped us achieve such a memorable day. We are so very grateful for them!
  • Accept free talent. We had a tiny budget so we were willing to reach out to our family members and friends who could fill the roles that strangers would charge hundreds, even thousands, for.
  • You don’t want to enter your new journey in debt, SAVE UP. We were able to set aside funds prior to our engagement specifically for the baby and specifically for the wedding, so that really helped ease my stress levels along the way. I pretty much had zero stress. Eatin beans and rice, but nonetheless, stress free.

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