About Me

Coffee is my love language.

Quick Facts About Me to Connect with You:

“Little Seeds Mighty Trees” came to me one day when my husband was taking me out for donuts (see story here)

~ My name is Jade and I am 23
~ I got married when I was 19
~ I have two precious babies (3yo & an almost one year old)
~ I live in Washington State, but my heart is in Texas
~ I am not very friendly right off the bat but I really really love others
~ I am addicted to Pinterest, online shopping, and day dreaming
~ My favorite color is a specific shade of pink that I just can’t describe
~ I have dreams of owning a B&B, an indoor play center for kiddos, and a Chick-Fil-A in Spokane (we have to drive 5 hours for a chicken sandwich)
~ I like a neutral modern glam farmhouse home design (I know, I’m a mess)
~ I put walnuts in my brownies
~ My husband is allergic to nuts (no brownies for you)
~ I’m a little nutty like my brownies, but I’m semi-sweet, I promise

~ I love all things coffee & donuts…

I started blogging because I don’t have many friends or people like me and I feel like I have so much that I want to share. So I hope to “meet” new friends and share my journey with all you lovelies.

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